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Common Questions About AG Massage

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I schedule an appointment?

For choosing any of the massages at the AG Company, we request you to schedule an appointment in advance. We strongly recommend booking the therapy session of your choice by calling us or contacting us on our social media handles.


What time should I arrive at the AG Massage Centre?

Arriving at the centre at least 15 minutes prior to your therapy session will be helpful for you and for the staff.We will first finish your primary consult. You then need to fill out the health questionnaire.

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What We Provide

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Walk into the AG Massage Centre to enjoy our custom-made therapeutic massages.

AG Massage
19 Ahmed Heshmat, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate 11561, Egypt
Monday to Sunday
11.00 am – 7.00 pm/ Tuesday – off
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    Best Massage Centre in Cairo Egypt

    THA Award Winner 2020

    IAMA Best Massage in Cairo

    International Alternative Medicine Association (IAMA)

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    Why People Choose Us


    Advanced & Medically Proven Procedures

    AG Massage utilises medically proven, advanced techniques to provide adequate relief for your medical ailments.


    Friendly Atmosphere

    The therapists at AG Massage are trained to be friendly and accommodative.


    Individualistic Approach

    Avail a personal consultation with our therapist for a customised session tailor-made just for you.


    Effective & Soothing Treatment

    At AG Massage, we provide effective therapies that help soothe and relax the tense muscles.


    Well Trained & Certified Therapist

    AG Massage hires therapists globally through a series of rigorous interviews and training before confirmation.


    Professional Etiquette

    AG Massage follows professional etiquette to provide a respectful atmosphere for our clients.

    What Our Clients Think

    Client Testimonials

    This place is really designed for a massage, they are trying to make everything perfectly and professional. I had a medical massage my therapist was from Nepal, he is amazing, highly trained and professional. The place is relaxing and clean. Everything is well organized. Definitely recommend it.
    I just had a flight and was really tired. They did an amazing job, from the reception to the therapist and the place is relaxing and clean. What I did like about this place is that, they know what they are doing, they are professional . It was a great massage ( I did stress away massage). Highly recommend it.
    I was in so much pain and Masseur Lina was excellent at a deep tissue and Power of 3 massage. Not for everyone but good for athletes who need to work out deep knots from training or Injury. The room had a private toilet, a massage table, towels and expected environment…clean, aromatherapy, candles and comfortable temperature. My therapist was highly trained and I was lucky to get her. On third floor.
    My massage was outstanding and my therapist was knowing what she is doing. The team was professional, helpful and friendly. Relaxing and clean environment. Thanks guys. Definitely, I will visit you again, when I come back to Cairo – Best Massage Centre in Cairo.
    The massage did exceed my expectations. I did medical massage and my therapist was professional and caring about everything single detail. Nice place and friendly team. AG Massage, The best massage in cairo.
    I did stress away massage, it was more than amazing. They offer almost all type of massages. They have therapists from different nationalities. The place is very relaxing and clean. The best massage centre in cairo, egypt.
    Jerome Michael
    Mostafa Hosney
    Jayni Morris
    Anthony David
    Vizi Zhong
    Omar Fahmy