Frequently Asked Questions

How can I schedule an appointment?

For choosing any of the massages at the AG Company, we request you to schedule an appointment in advance. We strongly recommend booking the therapy session of your choice by calling us or contacting us on our social media handles.

What time should I arrive at the AG Massage Centre?

Arriving at the centre at least 15 minutes prior to your therapy session will be helpful for you and for the staff.We will first finish your primary consult. You then need to fill out the health questionnaire.

What is the right massage therapy for me?

The AG Massage Company protocol is first a long consult with the therapist, then the health questionnaire. This enables us to give you a list of the massages suited best for your body from which you can choose.

Will I have an allergic reaction to the massage?

No, you will not have an allergic reaction to the therapy provided to you. In order to avoid such mishaps, we strongly recommend you to fill the health questionnaire prior to scheduling an appointment with us. This will help us arrange for a consult with the therapist to understand your medical history in a better format.

Do I need to inform you about my medical conditions before mytherapy session?

It is strongly recommended that you inform the AG Massage therapist about all your medical history and current health conditions in order to choose the best therapy for you. In case of any known allergies or contraindications, the therapist would be in a better position to provide you with the accurate therapy best-suited for you.

If I have just recovered from cancer, how long before I can start massage?

You can start your massage therapy right away. Massages can be taken even during cancer treatment. Massage therapies can be beneficial for cancer patients as the therapy helps counteract the negative physical and mental symptoms of cancer along with the side effects of cancer treatment.

Can the massage reduce my sciatic pain?

Massages help soothe the tense muscles around your irritated sciatic nerve and also increase the blood flow. Once the tension is released, the pressure on the nerve reduces, thereby reducing the symptoms of your sciatic pain. For more details, read about Massage Therapy for Sciatica.

I am pregnant. Can I take the massage therapy?

The AG Massage company uses a variety of different massage techniques to suit every individual based on his/her medical history. When you are pregnant, a massage therapy will help relieve all your muscle tension and keep you relaxed. It is absolutely safe to get a massage therapy during pregnancy except if you have any complications. AG Massage company has unique tailor-made therapies for pregnant women based on your health condition. After a proper medical consult with one of the therapists, you will be explained the different techniques that can be useful during pregnancy. For more details, read about Massage Therapy during Pregnancy.

Can I eat before my session?

We strongly recommend to avoid eating a heavy meal or drinking large amounts of water or any other liquids before a massage session. The massage therapies involve deep tissue massages which require a lot of intense pressure. This can cause some discomfort if you have eaten a heavy meal.